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Together we are re-envisioning Waipahu UCC. We are seeking God and looking for new ways to serve in our neighborhoods and create more of a sense of community in Waipahu. We celebrate the ministries of the past and look forward to a new generation of volunteers ready to address the needs of our community and be salt and light in Waipahu and throughout Central Oahu.


As WUCC youth we know that we don't have to wait 'til we are adults to begin to answer God's call. We are serving now and making a difference now. We need your ideas and your talents to make a difference in our community. By serving and having important discussions about our world, we are discovering more about who God is and how that affects our lives in the here and now. 

Creative Arts Groups

Children's Choir, WUCC Signers,

Hula Halau Dancers; Kanakapila Ukulele Group (On Hold)


Our keiki are part of the larger ohana at WUCC. They are taught God's love is bigger than their fears and his hands are always reaching out to draw them into God's circle of aloha. 

Teachers prepare lessons that demonstrate key christlike character building traits in God's word. 

Outreach & Social Action

Waipahu UCC cares. Our hands are busy and we are looking for more ways to reach out in words and action. Whether it is visiting the sick, preparing food for our neighbors, or fundraising for needs in the community, we believe Jesus would have us be his hands and feet. To do that we are always looking at new ways to serve. You don't have to have to be an expert to serve. You just have to be willing to use what you have. 

Music Ministry

Worship is not just a song. It's the place where our hearts quiet and we meet God in between the notes. A lifestyle of worship is one of gratitude, giving God the best that He has given us.

If you have a song bursting in your heart you would like to share, or would just like more information on our Music Ministry. Please contact our Music Director, Alika Chantavy.

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